Jim Serniuk -- Austin Healey Sprite  (1)

The late Jim Serniuk shot these photos.  Is this Laguna Seca's old Turn 9?  It almost looks like England with the green grass and the course worker casually standing in harm's way.   Comments? Please email me!

(11-14-11)   From Jim Hawes:

"Jim Serniuk was the one that supplied all of the photo’s on my page. The page should be attributed to him. Jim was a friend since High School and worked for Fred Puhn at Chassis Engineering Company for many years. He was also an accomplished artist and goldsmith.  Jim raced our Sprite while I was away in the Army (1966-67). Fred, Jim and I later built the first 3 Quasar Sports Racing Cars."

(11-12-11)   From Tony Ferrari:

"Here are some 1965-66 pictures at old Turn 9. The only difference from the Serniuk picture seems to be a few less tires and the snow fence may have been moved back a small amount."

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