????? -- Can-Am Car

I have no idea what this car is or who drove it.  Anyone?  Please email me!

(11-14-11)   From Jim Hawes:

"Something tells me this may be the Bob Montana McKee MkV.  I recently saw the car at the Del Mar Concours  but I think it now has a multi-speed transaxle. I know it now has a Plymouth (?) Hemi in it. I remember seeing it at Riverside (with the Hemi) but canít remember if it started life with a smaller motor. I believe the current owner lives in San Diego county. Hopefully he is a ďTamís FanĒ!!!"

(1-7-12   From Mark Ellis:

"I think that's Jim Hall working on one of his Chaparrals."

(6-15-12)   From Bob Immler:

"I vote for a McKee.

I'm not sure what it is, but it's not a Chaparral. 

There were Chaparrals with aluminum monocoques, but they were painted, never polished. There is what appears to be a radiator overflow tank. Chaparral always used the ones from a Corvette."

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