Group 4B:  Mac Archer -- 1965 Cobra 427

Mac's Cobra developed ignition problems and shot out exhaust flames during his race.  But I missed the shots.  So I "Photoshopped" in the flame from a Turbo-Porsche (a variety of car well known for such things).  

Why did I miss the shots?  I  had two batteries and four memory cards, and I was worried about filling up my last card on Sunday; so I was "chimping" (looking at my photos and deleting any that I didn't think merited card space).  This operation is very battery- intensive.

So I saved card space but my second battery went dead before Mac's race.  My first battery was out of reach, recharging at the Media Center.  Because of poor power management I missed immortalizing Mac's three-foot jets of flame and had to resort to Photoshop cheating.

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