Pebble Beach Concours Cars in Carmel!

Your webmaster found what has to be the best deal of the entire "Monterey Historics/Pebble Beach Concours/Multiple Other Expensive Events" car-crazed weekend on the Monterey Peninsula.  On Thursday, the Pebble Beach Concours cars gain judging points for actually being driveable and participating in a tour of scenic Central California coast highways.

The tour stops in downtown Carmel for a two-hour "lunch break".  Lunch is served to the participants in Devendorf Park and the cars are parked on all four lanes of Ocean Avenue for several blocks.  The heart of downtown Carmel then becomes a free equivalent of the insanely pricey ($150 per ticket) Concours itself.  Same cars + No money = Best deal of the weekend!

I was originally going to post the photos I took of the cars in Carmel but I've decided that others have covered the event better and besides I'm burning out on all this website work.  Check out this Rolls-Royce, though!

The Petersen Museum brought this 1924 Rolls-Royce Phantom I with special bodywork.  This car was a mind-blower and drew such a crowd while parked that it was hard to photograph.
Here's the link to the "Pebble Beach Concours Homepage".
And a very pleasant surprise:  Coverage of the event by "MSN Autos".  Check all of their galleries!  You can find the Rolls-Royce here!
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