Group 7A -- Lap 1 in the Corkscrew!

Lap One of the Group 7A event!  John Morton of El Segundo, CA, in Richard Lins' 7544cc. 1968 McLaren M6B "McLeagle" leads the race.  Morton DNF'd after 4 laps.  #75 is Brian Blain of Visalia, CA, in his 8358cc. 1969 Lola T-163; Blain also DNF'd in the race, completing 3 laps.  

Next is race winner #76 (#176?) Steve Cook of Santa Clara, CA, in his 5700cc. 1968 McLaren M6B.  Second place finisher #74 Tom Malloy of Villa Park, CA, chases the three leaders in his 8095cc. 1971 McLaren M8E.

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