What is (and isn't) a Ferrari Testa Rossa?

Newcomers to this website and to historic racing in general probably have heard of these legendary cars but may not know exactly what they are.  Here are two similar Ferraris that could fool all but experts.

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This is Anthony Wang's Testa Rossa (#0722).  Its very distinctive engine is below.  Here's Bruce McCaw in a 4.1 liter 335-S (#0764).  Can you see the differences?
The name "Testa Rossa" comes from the (always) red-painted cam covers on these engines.  These 3 liter Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) designs produced 300 HP. Here's McCaw's much wilder engine.  This 4.1 liter  features Double Overhead Cams (DOHC) on each bank of cylinders -- hence the nickname "4-cams" for these near 400 HP units.
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