Rick Hall -- 1954 Ferrari 250 Monza V12

Rick Hall of London, UK, finished third in this 1954 250 Monza.    I found this photo on Barchetta showing 750 Monza #0442M.

Author and Historian David Seielstad ID's the car:

"Your photo of #21 shows 0442, the V12 Monza.  In 1954 Ferrari was still not sure about using a four-cylinder in his top sports car. So a V12 was installed in a Monza chassis. The engine was to the 250 MM specification.  Four of these 250 Monzas were built. They are:

0420 M Pf spyder
0432 M Pf spyder
0442 M Scaglietti spyder
0466 M Pf spyder (destroyed and a fake Scaglietti spyder using this serial # exists)

In factory hands these cars had a short racing history.  Trintignant/Piotti won the Hyeres 12 hours with 0420, Piotti won the Tour of Sicily with 0432.

This is 0442. It raced in the Dolomite Cup and Carrera in 1954, then was sold to Manfredo Lippman via Chinetti. Lippmann sold it to the French Consulate, Iann McCarvy-Munn who sold it to Peter Burroughs. Used as a street car then to Sydney Stolt and Bill Serri."

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