Haskell Wexler / Max Balchowsky -- Old Yeller III

Wexler behind the wheel at what looks like Pomona in his street ride, Old Yeller III.  Car builder Max Balchowsky stands by and gestures with his two clenched fists.  ?????

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(2-16-11)   From Ron Cummings:

"Old Yeller III was built to be a street sports car. That is why it is so big. Haskell hauled the chassis to Jack Sutton himself to have the aluminum body built.

The urge to race was too strong. The first time, at Pomona, both Max and Drake practiced with the car. It was unpainted, in bare aluminum, and looked beautiful. Drake finished second to Bill Krause's Birdcage in Sunday's main event. 

The next time I saw the car was at Santa Barbara. Old Yeller was painted by then. Drake and OY III won. Not long after, Drake won at Pomona. Bondurant drove the car to Henderson Nev. and I believe he won there. Wexler usually drove the car to and from the races. He was the owner not Max. Ron Bucknum got seat time in the car. Max and Haskell wanted Ron to have some experience in a powerful car because he had signed with Honda to drive their first Formula One car. Mr. Honda signed Ronnie after seeing him beat the Corvettes at Dodger Stadium while driving the Hollywood Sports Cars MGB!"

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