Richard Griot -- 1964 Webster Special 01-Climax

Griot finished 7th in his 2000cc. car.  There's nothing on the net about this car, so this is all off the top of your webmaster's head, and he could be wrong. 

In a nutshell, Webster was a Northern California businessman and team owner who started by sponsoring Ed Leslie in a Lotus Mk.23 sports/racer and a Lotus Mk.22 Formula Junior.  In 1963-64 he moved on to building his own cars. 

He hired well-known Northern California fabricator Jack Hagemann to create two Specials.  The first was this car, a Coventry-Climax powered entrant in the under-two liter class.  The second was an aluminum Oldsmobile-powered main event contender. 

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