Vaca Valley Raceway Today -- 3

Dann Shively continued his exploration of what's left of Vaca Valley Raceway.

 "When I flew over Vaca Valley the other day to shoot new aerials, I noticed part of the track seemed not so covered over with weeds and thistles.  Using the aerial shot as a guide I navi- gated back onto the track and found some good sized stretches of pavement that hadn't turned to gravel."
"Most of the track is overgrown, but it was nice to find a few remnants.... without getting my legs scratched up on the star thistle."

"These shots were taken on the straight portion of the oval track between turns 2 and 4."
Gary Horstkorta offers this info for anyone interested in bringing back Vaca Valley Raceway:

"The site has not been used since 1971 when it was mothballed due to the track being undrivable.  The track surface was breaking up and becoming a real hazard to 
drivers.  Many a car and driver returned to the paddock after practice or a race with dents in the body work and drivers googles broken due to flying chunks of track.  The SCCA which used the track the most, was unable to raise funds to have it resurfaced and the owner nor any other group involved was able to get the job done either.

About ten years ago, the SCCA was searching for a site to build their own track.  Their was concern that both Sears Point (now Infineon Raceway) and Laguna Seca, might someday be consumed by urban expansion or shut down by local residents complaints.  The SCCA contacted the city of Vacaville where the track was located and negotiated to reopen it.  Things were moving along smartly until the local residents got wind of what was going on.  Due to their loud protests, the city fathers ended the negotiations and the track remained unused and at the mercy of Mother Nature.  SCCA bought land in the northern part of Northern California at Willows and developed Thunderhill Raceway.  This track is in use virtually every day of year and is an excellent facility with more improvements added each year.

All the vintage racers I know here would love to see Vaca Valley Raceway reopened but it presents a daunting task for anyone.  First, all the weeds would need to be removed, then the track would need to be completely resurfaced.  But the biggest challenge would be to get permission to reopen the track from the city.  It really is too bad because there has been no encroachment by residential areas near the track and there are only a couple of industrial businesses and a farm or two close by."

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