Denis Hulme -- McLaren M8B  (1)

Hulme qualified 1st but DNF'd. leaving the win to team boss Bruce McLaren. in another McLaren M8B.

From Tom Piantanida:  "There is an interesting story about  how I got into the pits and paddock at this event.  It was the first  professional event at the then new Texas track, so I figured they  wouldn't have security figured out.  I was right; I got into the track on the first practice day by flashing a PCA (Porsche Club of  America) card that I borrowed from another graduate student where I  was attending school.  (I've never owned a Porsche.) 

On practice day, I hung out at one of the manufacturer's tents, and wrangled a manufacturer's rep pass (#42).  On race day, I got to the gate and flashed my #42 pass, and was told by the guard that manufacturer's rep passes weren't good on race day.  I raised my voice and told him that I was from Kelsey-Hayes and that if he didn't let me in, there would be a lot of race cars running on unbalanced wheels.  He let me in."

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