Stan Mason's Elva Mk.III

Stan is looking to fill in the gaps of the ownership history of his Elva.   

From Stan:  "Circa April 1962:  Vineland Raceway, NJ,  Lewis Flink #144 Elva MkIII Sports Racer 100/65."
From Stan:  "I am interested in the early history of my car with any pictures of Alfred Zantzinger in 1958 & 1959 along with the other unknown owners from 1959 to 1962 when it was painted a medium blue prior to Lewis Flink ownership.  I am willing to pay a reward for any meaningful information on 100/65."
Another shot of Lewis Flink in Stan's Elva at the SCCA event at Vineland Raceway circa April, 1962.

Info sheet on Stan's car.

If you can help Stan with his questions re: his Elva:

Please email me!

(9-26-17)    From Mark Miller:    

Here is what I know about the Mk III that I had. I bought it around 1974-75 out of a guy in Connecticut after seeing it in an Autoweek ad. I paid $600 for it. It was missing the structure in the rear that the rear body section mounted to and held the gas tank. The guy took me for a test ride with me holding the original gas tank in my lap in the passenger seat. it was pretty impressive for a young man. It had an Alfa motor in it but it was unlike many Alfa motors that I could find. The head gasket was different than the 1300 or 1750 ones. It may have been a 1500 as noted on the website. The car was light blue in color with low mounted headlights, no numbers or stripes. It had wire wheels, RHD and had the fairing behind the driver, aluminum drum brakes and DeDion rear suspension.

My plan was to get it race worthy and run it in autocross or SCCA regional races. I took it apart and had the frame sand blasted. That is where the project started to stall. I was working as a service manager at a Lotus/Maserati dealer in Lambertville, NJ. I was making maybe $3.00 an hour and had no money to speak of. The shop burned down and I lost all of my tools. The car was not in the fire but the motor may have been. I eventually sold it through a friend of mine to someone and lost track of it. I may be able to find out more about where it went after the sale as I am still in contact with my friend. I do not recall my Elva having the big opening in the front like in the pictures that are on your site. Back then it was just an old race car that had little value. I still feel that I should be shot for ruining that car. I also wish that I had kept it. If the car that Stan has is the one that I had I hope that it is still alive.
Mark Miller

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