The Great Sebastian

AKA Jerry Landon, this whirlwind blew into California in 1966.

In 1967, Seb reigned at the 844 Page St. commune in Haight-Ashbury.

A lot of Monterey friends lived there off and on, and it was also an outpost for the group I knew from Albuquerque.

Jim Popkey, John & Kathy Sheppard, Judy Enkosky and Larry Popkey, were some names that come to mind.

844 Page was my base camp for "Summer of Love" ventures to the Fillmore & Avalon ballrooms, Haight Street,  "The Ave" (Tele- graph Avenue across the Bay in Berkeley), Golden Gate Park, and many others.

A friend of Seb's from the 1960s contributed this photo.  Sebastian is seated on our left.  His then-girlfriend "Injun" is sprawled across the chair.  I have no idea who the others are.
In 1969, Seb lost a leg in a motorcycle accident.  His stump never healed properly and caused him pain until the end of his life. 

When he visited me in 1990, he'd lost his other leg and was down to just one tooth, which he kept continuously drenched in whiskey.

He died in the early 1990s.

Eerie...  This last photo of Sebastian was the first time my old Pentax camera malfunctioned in this way.

(11-6-09   From Randy Chortkoff: 

"My name is Randy.  I loved Sebastian as a dear friend.  I lived at 844 Page St. where Sebastian took me in as a runaway from Los Angeles.  I was 16 years old and Seb took me all over San Francisco and treated me as a brother.  Whenever I went to Los Angeles and returned back to the Haight, Seb picked me up in the air and gave me the biggest bear hug in the whole world!  He turned me on to BB King, Junior Wells, Buddy Guy and many others. 

I was a regular at the Avalon mostly, but the Fillmore was also great!  Things got dark in 1968 and Seb and I both went downhill.  Thank god I recovered in 1979.  His influence on me helped bring me to where I am today. 

I remember when he lost his first leg.  I've tried to find him ever since.  How about Tim Trout (fish)?  Anything?  (No. TM)  Your black and white of Sebastian warmed my heart.  Sebastian's influence helped me live my dream at"

(11-8-09)   More from Randy Chortkoff:

"If you have never seen a grown 60yr old man cry tears of grief and joy then you should have been at my computer when I received your email. Even before I read it, I was overcome knowing that it was from you. Thank you so very much. You can never know the influence Seb had on my early life. Also, knowing that I could have turned out like him many many times over fills me with gratitude. I guess there is much more to do as far as contributing to the stream of life... 

Your letter gives me closure regarding a time that still haunts me to this day.  I remember returning to Monterey with Sebastian to visit a man named ,I think, Dick... (Dick Miller  TM) a teacher I believe from S.F. Art Institute??? (Correct  TM)    Also he took me to a family who were obviously the McPartlands.

I am eternally grateful for your response... It may sound silly but you have no idea had profound this is for me. You may want to include "Big Sky Motion Pictures" and my wife's company  "Festivals Exclusive".

As strange as it may seem.... my passion and artistic desires started with "Sebastian" AKA Jerry Landon."

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