Sacramento Fairgrounds Racecourse

From Gary Horstkorta:  "Track map of Sacramento Fairgrounds.  Same basic course used for all Sacramento road races."

While most state fairs have flower and livestock shows, not all are equipped to offer road races like Sacramento. Attendees may have been surprised to have the opportunity to see an exciting race after walking through the Avas Flowers and farm animal exhibits.
Jack Graham in #51 Aston Martin DB3S sets up to pass Fred Block's Jaguar XK120 at a 1955 Sacramento Fairgrounds event.     (Photo by Norman Milne contributed by Gary Horstkorta)
David Braun adds this info on the Sacramento course:

"I looked at the map and photo of your Sacramento State Fairground page. I can add a few things as follows:  Circa 1959 there was a 1/8th mile drag strip at this venue. The staging lanes were just east of the road race course Turn 9 shown on your map. The strip was then the front straightaway of the road course, through the start/finish line and slightly beyond.  The shut-off and return lane was through loose gravel." 

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