Sacramento Fairgrounds Racecourse

From Gary Horstkorta:  "Track map of Sacramento Fairgrounds.  Same basic course used for all Sacramento road races."
Jack Graham in #51 Aston Martin DB3S sets up to pass Fred Block's Jaguar XK120 at a 1955 Sacramento Fairgrounds event.     (Photo by Norman Milne contributed by Gary Horstkorta)
David Braun adds this info on the Sacramento course:

"I looked at the map and photo of your Sacramento State Fairground page. I can add a few things as follows:  Circa 1959 there was a 1/8th mile drag strip at this venue. The staging lanes were just east of the road race course Turn 9 shown on your map. The strip was then the front straightaway of the road course, through the start/finish line and slightly beyond.  The shut-off and return lane was through loose gravel." 

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