Rich Campbell's Crosley Special "H" Modified

"I've tracked down owners back to 1979 -- but it changed hands at a garage sale, and none of the previous history was retained.  In 1979 the previous owner was listed as Eugene J. Voigt of Holgate, Ohio.   (I haven't had any luck tracking him down.)"

"The car is 123" long overall -- with an 80" wheelbase and a 40" track. (consistent with Crosley dimensions)."

"The front and rear are fiberglass and hinge out -- while the center is sheet aluminum.  The frame is welded-up tubing."

"Most of the components are stock Crosley (engine, transmission, brakes and rear end) -- but the instruments come from a late 40's Nash (go figure)."

Website visitor Erich W. Schultz identifies Richard's car:

"Richard Cambell's Crosley Special is an early Jabro Mk. I. I don't know any- thing of this particular car, but there is a lot of information available on Jabros.  Jabros were the work of James Broadwell from St. Louis, MO.  They are featured in the Brookland's "Road Test" books on Crosley Specials.  They are also described in Allan Girdler's book, "American Road Race Specials".  Addi- tionally, Jabros were featured in almost every automotive magazine in the 50's.

Broadwell made a number of American based specials and a series of Crosley specials.  The Jabro Crosleys began with the rather bulbous body shown on Richard's car, progressed to a more Lotus like body and finished with one that resembled a LeGrand.  Common to all Jabros was beautiful construction quality but more notable, the split axle front suspension with coil springs and disc brakes shown in Richard's pictures.  Richard has a nice car, one well worth restoring and racing."

From Rich:

"Thank you so much for forwarding the two replies.  I've sent emails to the  two people who sent in comments -- and have had a few email conversations with Rick Yocum (the guy who knew the owner and thinks he may have pictures of it competing in the 60's).

I'm not convinced that my car is actually a Jabro MK I -- although it looks a lot like one.  My guess is that someone decided that the Jabro was a good car and set out to make one like it.

If I get a confirmation on the car -- and a photo -- I will send it on to you, to update the site."  

"I think I hit paydirt.  The second guy who responded was a reporter for a local
Ohio paper in the late 60's.

He remembered the car -- and then dug out a photo that he took in 1968. (Amazing that he still had it.)

I have sent an email to the guy who was driving the car in 68 -- and he has the  Florida phone number of the guy who built it."

Rich Campbell

(8-29-19)  From Rich Campbell:   "Unfortunately, I was too late to get to speak with the gentleman who designed/built my car. He passed away before I got in touch. But I was able to speak with someone who helped him with the car, and to a couple of his relatives. They gave me this photo of Gene Voigt, proudly sitting in the car shortly after it was completed."

(8-29-19)  From Rich Campbell:   "My home track is Lime Rock -- but the car has also done the Hershey Hill Climb. It's great fun...a little small for my 6'1" frame, but I can squeeze into it."

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