Marnix R.E. Dillenius -- 1964 Alfa Romeo TZ

Dillenius finished 17th in his 1750cc.  car

If I'm not mistaken, Dillenius is the only driver who drove in every Monterey Historics from 1974 through 2009 + this year's Reunion.  Am I right about this?  Please email me!

(2-7-11)   From Gary Horstkorta:

"David Love and his 250TR Ferrari have also participated in every Monterey Historics since its inception.  In fact David and Steve Earle hatched the idea for the Historics sitting around a table while Steve was negotiating the purchase of a Ferrari with the carís owner.  After completing the purchase, Steve and Daveís Ferraris  were on the front row of the very first Historics.  As you may know, David ended his consecutive string of Monterey Historics in 2010 due to an illness."

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