Richard Griot -- 1964 Webster 001-Climax

Griot, of Milton, WA, was a non-starter in his 2000cc. Webster Special 001-Climax.  There's nothing on this car on the net, or there'd be a link here. 

(This is all off the top of your webmaster's head, and could be wrong, and is definitely incomplete.)  In a nutshell, Webster was a Northern California businessman and team owner who started by sponsoring Ed Leslie in a Lotus Mk.23 sports/racer and a Lotus Mk.22 Formula Junior.  In 1963-64 he moved on to building his own cars.

He hired well-known Northern California fabricator Jack Hagemann to create two Specials.  The first was this car, a Coventry-Climax powered entrant in the under-two liter class.  The second was an aluminum Oldsmobile-powered main event contender.

Griot leads 2nd place finisher Tom Claridge in his 3800cc. Lotus Mk.19 and 10th place finisher Steven Read in his 1600cc. Lotus Mk.23B.

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