Chris Cox -- 1958 Ferrari 412MI

Cox, of Chapel Hill, NC,  finished 4th in his one-of-a-kind special racing Ferrari.  The 412MI was assembled by the Ferrari factory for John von Neumann from a sports/racing chassis and the super- tuned engine from Luigi Musso's single- seat "Race of Two Worlds" Indy-type racer.  The objective:  beat the Scarabs!

Cox held 3rd place for much of the race until Feiber passed him.  He managed to hold off Moore in the second Birdcage for a well-earned 4th place.

The highpoint of your webmaster's weekend was watching hot "hired gun" driver Bert Skidmore give this all-time favorite car the screaming run of its recent life.  (Oops... I didn't mean to get Skidmore in trouble with Cox for thrashing the you-know-what out of the 412MI.)

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