Porsche 928 Links

Phil Tong's site is a portal to many fascinating pages devoted to this under- appreciated (in more ways than one) supercar.

Rennlist's 928 mailing list has performed a historic service in "de-mystifying" this car and making its marvels accessible to the everyday enthusiast.  Mem- bers receive 30+ 928 related emails a day and can post messages for help & consultation on problems.

Repair procedures can be downloaded by D.I.Y.'ers at Greg Nichol's site, proving that it's not impossible for an individual to maintain these cars.

Parts are available from the "Big Three" at reasonable prices, and advice from experts is just an email away.  The days of merciless gouging by unscrupulous dealerships and others are over.

And the 928 Owners Club is getting up to speed...

Here are websites for the "Big three" of 928 resources.  Consult them for parts, service, performance modifications, or anything 928 related.  They're very helpful & respond quickly to emails.