Pomona:    July 8-9, 1961

The big iron -- American V8 powered Specials -- ruled on this legendary weekend.

Imagine the noise -- and look at the body language of the drivers.  This photo from Gus Vignolle's "MotoRacing" shows the intensity of the race.
Shown here are: 
  #70 Bob Drake Ol' Yaller Mk.IV
#204  Don Hulette Jaguar-Corvette   (ex-Pickford Special)
#137 Jack Stewart DeMar Special-Corvette
  #48  Jim Connor Ferrari 625-TRC-Corvette   (#0680)
#197 Mike Roetnor Ferrari 250-TR   (#0710)
  #16 George Follmer  Porsche RS
Other challengers:   #65 Bob Edmison Mercedes-Corvette
  #45 Lew Spencer Devin-Corvette  (VKI)
#311 Ak Miller Devin-Oldsmobile
#711 Bill Dixon Maserati-Corvette
 Saturday winner Drake took the early lead, but Hulette stayed with him.  The two traded first place back and forth while Saturday DNF Bob Edmison charged through the field.  Spencer, Miller & Dixon chal- lenged, then dropped out.  On the 12th lap Drake had a very unfortunate accident, causing the race to be red-flagged.

Hulette won, Edmison finished 2nd, Mike Roetnor in his 3-liter Ferrari Testa Rossa was 3rd, Stewart in the DeMar Special was 4th.  Jim Connor brought Stan Sugarman's Ferrari 625-TRC-Corvette home in 5th place.

Flat out and evenly matched, this race featured not only my favorite cars of all time but some of the hardest, gutsiest driving I've ever seen.  This was also the last time that such a dominant field of V8 powered Specials met in such a mass battle.

  Joe Scalzo's Article Describes This Race!!!

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