Jim Connor -- Maserati Type 61 "Birdcage"

Connor won the Sept. 3-4, 1960 Santa Barbara main event in Stan Sugarman's Maserati.  This was the ex-Bob Drake car, the first Birdcage to race on the west coast.

Anthony Wang brought this car to the 2009 "Monterey Historics".

(10-12-09)  From Elva Mk.II racer Bob Engberg:

"That's Jay Chamberlain's blue Lotus 15 parked next to the Jim Connor Maserati at SB. Jay often raced these cars before selling them. Sorta "broke them in" as a favor to future owners."

(10-15-09)   Andy Dziedzic from Berlin adds this info:

"Jim Connor took the checker in the Ernie McAfee Memorial Race on Sept. 4th, 1960."

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