Chuck Daigh -- Scarab-Chevrolet / Lance Reventlow -- Scarab-Chevrolet

Scarab team cars prepare for the 1958 L.A. Times Grand Prix at Riverside, October 12, 1958.  Note race winner Chuck Daigh in white helmet ready to drive #5.  Lance Reventlow (back turned) cinches up his blue helmet before getting into #3.

(2-7-12)   From Dave Fredericks:
"I was at this race - 15 years old and race cars were almost all I thought about.  This was the first sports car race that I attended.  I loved Phil Hill but I loved the Scarabs even more, so the result was very satisfying.  The Scarabs were so perfect compared to everything else that raced in those days.  The paint and detailing were beautiful, the body shape was classic, even the numbers on the cars were fancier than all the others.  And they were as fast as they were beautiful."

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