Max Balchowsky -- 5:  Old Yeller IV  "Camera Car"

The photo below shows Old Yeller IV in use as a camera car during the filming of "The Love Bug" in 1968.  It was contributed by Greg Carr, owner of "Herbie No. 2", the Porsche-powered Herbie that ran 115 mph at Riverside.  Here's a link to Greg's website.

Racing historian Ron Cummings comments on this fascinating photo:   "Note that Max had removed most of the body when he converted it from race car to a camera platform.  Max, at Riverside during some of the "Love Bug" filming, verified that this was indeed Ol Yaller IV.  Max had bought the car back from Bob Publicker and David Lane, who had raced it in Florida."
Ron Cummings contributed this photo and commentary: "The "Balchowsky Camera Car" aka Ol' Yaller IV, was wrecked during filming of "The Love Bug".  Max told restoration expert Reagan Rulau that he then scrapped the car.  This photo shows Ol' Yaller IV after the filming accident." 

Note green paint & dent on rear fender.  Website visitor Gareth Jones contributed the photos of OY IV from the "Love Bug" filming.  Note color of car in top photo & apparent dent on rear fender.

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