Martin Hill in 1967

Longtime website friend & contributor Marttin Hill contributed this photo from the early days of his racing career.
This is a selfie a couple of days after the first race ever for myself and the Safari Comet.  Back from an exciting weekend of discovery. Realizing that my fast was fast enough and I could build on that. Greeted at Shelby's High Performance Motors a couple of days after Santa Barbara by management that was pleasantly surprised to hear from other Shelby members that “ heard you put on quite a show” . Ray Wolffe had put us in the Comet and was admitting surprise.

I was extremely grateful. We did the first race on empty pockets. That all changed.  A photo had made its way into Burbank Newspaper. Signet Labs had not been made aware of my road racing hopes. The Vitamin Mfg. personnel wanted to congratulate and contribute as their sons and daughters needed a common sport to be a part of.

 I am nothing but grateful in the photo. Road racing V8s was a heart's desire. Money can get someone into anything they wish. It was not money that put this together.

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