John Mozart -- 1958 Lister-Chevrolet "Knobbly"

Mozart finished 3rd in his menacing-looking black Lister.  Mozart, who has a fantastic car collection, has raced this Lister for ten years(?).  The car had a previous NorCal historic racing history with Bill Harlan, Bill Chizar, and maybe others.  (Your webmaster's fading memory only goes back to Harlan's 366cid McLaren motor in the car in the early 1980s.) 

In ancient times (1960), George Constantine raced the car back east as the "Kelso Lister-Chevy" or "Kelischev".  Never as shiny and clean as it is now in Mozart's care; when Constantine drove it as #49 it had the same, or even more, of the rough menace that the car still projects.

Constantine raced the car in the 1960 fall west coast pro races:  Qualifying well at the 3rd "L.A. Times Grand Prix" at Riverside on Oct. 16, but DNF'ing;  at the first S.F. Examiner "Pacific Grand Prix" at Laguna Seca on Oct. 23, Constantine was third in the first 100 mile heat.  In the second 100 mile heat, Constantine actually led the race for a lap, but was quickly passed by winner Stirling Moss and faded to an 11th place finish. 

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