John Furlow -- 1954 Kurtis 500KK-DeSoto Hemi  (1)

Historian Ron Cummings comments:

"This car was originally powered by a GMC in-line 6 cylinder motor.  It was known as the Salem Special. When I saw it last year it was powered by a Hemi V8, I think it was a DeSoto. Mark and Harold know John Furlow. I cc'd them on this message. Unless John has changed motors, I think the Hemi is still in the car.  Also, Furlow's Kurtis has a late Byers SR-100 body."

From Author & Historian Harold Pace:

"Ron is correct -- it is the Salem Special (Mr. Salem was thrilled to see it 
completed before he died!).  It was originally GMC 6, now has a DeSoto Hemi."

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