Todd Glyer -- 1968 Lola T-160 / Robert Ryan -- 1968 McLaren M6B

Glyer finished 12th in his 5700cc. car.  Ryan came in 7th in his 5817cc. car.   Glyer is related to 1950s-1960s Ferrari racer Gordie Glyer.

Todd from last year:   "I met Gordie Glyer at the 2007 Historics and we ARE related.  I've known about him since I was a boy but I never met him.  My parents mentioned that we had a racer in the family but they did not encourage our meeting.  (They were afraid he'd encourage my racing -- as you can see I needed no encouragement.)

Recently, I began to query the web about Gordie so you can imagine my joy when we finally met.  Gordie has always been one of my heroes and it's a thrill to finally know him".

Todd Glyer's 1971-1972 Can-Am Photos!

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