Ernie Nagamatsu -- 1958 Porsche 356 / Don Tevini -- 1959 Porsche 356

Nagamatsu finished 26th, Tevini was 23rd.  Both cars displaced 1600cc.

Nagamatsu's car was raced for decades by Brigadier General James Kilpatrick.

From Ernie Nagamatsu:

"The legendary race car of Brig. General James Kilpatrick raced from October 1964 at Del Mar to August 1996 at Sears Point in SCCA E- Production racing:  never missing many races in any season.

The 1958 Porsche Speedster raced at two SCCA National Runoffs in E production class: an incredible achievement indeed.

There were special added “Aircraft” gauges as the General was an active pilot in the Air Force… and his gauge read over 55,000 documented racing miles over the lifetime of competitive SCCA racing… over 32 straight years without a miss.  The ‘General’ always played by the rules and prepared well for each race. He was remembered for helping others in the ‘pits’ regardless if they were fierce competitors.  James was always willing to share spare parts as needed in the spirit of racing like the ‘old days’ of racing. The 

The Kilpatrick motorhome was for many years a “Hospitality Center” at the races as it was a gathering place for the General's many friends at the track.

When the General passed on, the San Francisco Region of SCCA honored the Kilpatrick Speedster with the retirement of the #7 as James Kilpatrick was a gentleman racer and yet a fierce competitor: always ready to race.

Following his passing, his fellow pilots granted him his wish to have some of his ashes scattered over the Laguna Seca Raceway near Monterey, as that was his “home track.” 

The Speedster is an historic and “tribute” car, as well as a great race car, and we have not modified the car from its well-known and recognized legendary SCCA racing years.  The car represented tenacity and durability as in its later years it was racing against many “modern” racing cars in E Production." 

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