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Thanks again to Steve and Debbie Earle for another great event.  This one was perhaps the last, at least in its current form.  

Earle's "General Racing" and SCRAMP (Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula, in charge of operations at Mazda Raceway) were unable to come to terms regarding the event's future.  So Earle is out and SCRAMP will run the "Monterey Historics" next year. 

Group 1A:  1904-1940 Sporting Cars
Group 2A:  1925-1949 Racing and Sporting Cars
Group 3A:  1948-1955 Sports Racing and GT Cars Under 1500cc.
Group 4A:  1955-1961 GT Cars Under 2200cc.
Group 5A:  1955-1961 Sports Racing Cars Under 2000cc.
Group 6A:  1955-1961 Sports Racing Cars Over 2000cc.
Group 7A:  1964-1971 FIA Manufacturer's Championship Cars
Group 8A:  1981-1990 FIA Manfcturer's Championship and IMSA Cars
Group 1B:  1947-1955 Sports Racing and GT Cars over 1500cc.
Group 2B:  1971-1976 FIA Manufacturer's Championship Cars
Group 3B:  1961-1966 GT Cars Under 2500cc.
Group 4B:  1959-1966 Sports Racing Cars
Group 5B:  1963-1967 GT Cars Over 2500cc.
Group 6B:  1966-1974 Can-Am Cars
Group 7B:  1973-1980 IMSA GT, GTX, AAGT Cars 
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