Locke de Brettville's "Mystery Car" --  327 Chevy Special  (1)

Locke de Brettville, Secretary of NorCal historic racing group CSRG, is looking for info on this Chevy 327 powered Special.

From Locke:    "An oddity has come my way & I was wondering if you know what it is. It's RH drive, aluminum body (not a Devin fiberglass) & has a 327 & T10 & Houdaille shocks. Forget the wheels because I assume they are an add-on—they’re Cromadoras from a Bizzarini. It’s a nice TIG welded chassis & looks like the real deal."
7-1-18    From Chuck Brandt:    

" I think it might be a Tojeiro – Jaguar".

7-1-18   From Joel Driskill:  

"Not the same, but similar."

"The engine & gearbox date codes are 1964 & the gauges are from a TR4. Jag rear end, Ford brakes (four wheel discs, but that might be an update). The front leaf spring might also be an update—if you could call a leaf spring an “update”.

"I’ve gone through the usual, Hagemann, Cal Metal, Troutman & Barnes, Santee Lorrell, etc., etc. in the American & British books without luck."    If you can help Locke ID this car:   Please email me!

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