From Joe Breeze:  "A shot looking down into "gasoline alley" at the Sports Car Center, circa 1957.  Three new Lotus 11s are being checked out by, from left to right, Bob Winkelmann, Mogens Cov, Bob Cox, Ugly (the 3-legged dog), and my father Bill Breeze. 

Bill Breeze¹s Sports Car Center stood at the edge of Richardson Bay in Sausalito, just north of the Heliport.  You can see the end of Richardson Bay Bridge in the background.  The buildings were at the east corner of Pohono Street and Bolinas Avenue.  Much too fancy a description for what back then (1950 to 1965) was nothing but dirt roads and gravel.  My father specialized in engine machining and running the business.  Nadeau Bourgeault
did welding and body work.  Bob Winkelmann and Mogens Cov were mechanics." 

                                                                                                                               (Photo courtesy of Bob Winkelmann)

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