Jim Collins' Riley 9 Special:

(4-21-10) From Jim:  "I have recently purchased a Riley 9 rolling chassis with engine and transmission..."

"And after discovering the chassis # 60-1055, (I only can see 01055? stamped on the front left), Ian Gladstone at Blue Diamond assures me that there must of been a 6 in front of the #'s which would make it a 1928, Mk2).  The date of 1928, along with the fact that the chassis has been shortened 15" and narrowed at the back to make a 7' 71/2" wheel base, leads me to wonder if I could have one of the cars used by Reid Railton."
"According to THE AUTOCAR August 19th 1927, a perfectly standard Riley chassis was used to conduct modifications to. These cars were to help fuel the 1100cc racing class which at that time was lacking in cars."
"In 'As Old As the Industry' by David G. Styles, he devotes two pages taken from AUTOCAR to the description of these cars showing Reid Railton's modifications: (lowering of the radiator, shortening and narrowing of the rear, which match the diagram illustrated in the Autocar article. 
"This car has been sitting in this condition for about 25 years,(from last owner). It is clear that someone took great care of it and started to restore it. I would greatly appreciate anyone that can help me identify the car and (or) answer the question as to is it a "semi-factory" modification? I am presently having a body made in England and should have it on the road for spring."

(4-22-10)  From Jim:   "Also, I know the last three owners..."

6/1/65- Theodore G. Griggs Jersey City NJ
12/21/71- to John Jeffries - NY
12/10/82 to Richard Miller- NH
9/20/09 to James Collins VT.

To see all of Jim's photos of his car on Picasa: Click here.

If you can help Jim identify his car:  Please email me!

(1-17-12)   From Kevin Gill:

"I think it could be an IMP chassis as the Riley 9 Brooklands has a
longer 96" wheelbase I believe.

Thats a VERY NICE chassis indeed, lots of details as I research the Riley 9 Brooklands prototype.

Just out of interest what is the width of the front and rear tracks (to the wheel centerlines) and the diameter of the steering wheel?"


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