Dr. George Hollenger / LeGrand-Climax

This class B or C sports/racer isn't in the event program.  Anyone? Please email me!

(6-15-12)   From Bob Engberg:

"The white #35 car is the LeGrand owned by Dr. George Hollenger of San Diego from 1968 to the 70's. He was a psychiatrist and also briefly owned a Formula Ford Distributorship in town, I think so he could more cheaply race his FF. (Can't remember the FF brand but I think it was the Irish or Scottish one). 

The LeGrand had a 2-litre Coventry Climax DOHC "FPF" motor, and most of us thought the car should have been a little faster than it was. I see it vintage raced now. 

Around 1970 Hollenger bought a used CanAm car and raced it at least once at Riverside. Sometime later he moved to Bridgeport, CA, and afterwards (I was told and hope it's wrong) that he took his own life. I recall he once told me his favorite part of racing was seeing the checker flag. 

The photo below was taken at Turn 1 at Holtville in 1970 as I was waving to the corner workers that I knew he was about to pass."

(7-11-12)   From Jim Hawes:

"Just some comments on Bob’s post. I helped George with the final assembly of the LeGrand. The Climax motor (ex Robs Lamplough and Jack Brabham) came out of a Brabham BT8 that was purchased from David Morris by Tom Tobin (Tom put a BOP V8 into the Brabham and George bought the Climax). The LeGrand was a very impressive car, although I never saw it race. Sadly George passed away as Bob described.

The Formula Ford reference was to Les Hill (not Dr. George) who, for a short period of time, owned “US Merlyn West” in San Diego. I worked for Merlyn West when Les opened the business in 1969.  

Bob must have forgotten that Les Hill was good friends with Dallas Dickson, Bob’s ex brother-in-law. LOL!!!"

(5-19-17)   From Joe Hollinger (son of Dr. Hollinger)

"A couple of details"

              1)   Dad  did not take his own life.  Died of natural caues.
              2)   Dad did not own a FF distributoship.
              3)   Spelled Hollinger.

But seriously, nice to see that people still think of these things.  As a  child, I spent a lot of time around that car, and the Lola T-70 as well.  I complment you  for preerving this."
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