John S. Tuttle -- Corvette Stingray / ???? -- Shelby Cobra

Heavy iron bunches up braking for Turn 9.  Can anyone ID the drivers of the big-production cars?  Please email me!

(2-14-12)   From Tony Ferrari:

"That car MIGHT be Frank Search. He was from the east bay and drove in BP. Vic Hubbard was a well known speed shop in the east bay. I used to buy my Propylene Oxide there."

(2-16-12)   From Jim Cordero:

"B production Vette #16 is John S. Tuttle. Blue Vette, # hidden, behind Tuttle is Rich Sloma. Cobra in same photo, #23 as shown in other photo, ran B production and A sports racing as did the Tuttle Vette.

(2-17-12)   From Jim Cordero:

"Follow up on the #16 white B production Corvette. In several 1966 programs a white B production Vette is entered as driven by Frank Search with #16. Looks like it went from Search to John Tuttle by the 1968 Laguna races. Still white. Still #16."

(2-17-12)  From Rich Blackmarr:

"White #16 BP Stingray driver listed as John S Tuttle, #23 (?) white Cobra is apparently Al Norman (not in program except for photo of May support race), blue Stingray convertible looks same as one (#27) paired with program photo of #23 Cobra, shown in program as driven by Rich Sloma."

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