Mark Boen -- 1964 Cheetah-Chevrolet

This is a real Cheetah that resides on the Monterey Peninsula.  I don't know anything about it.  Anyone?   Please email me!

Note gentleman responding to the noise of the green Cheetah.

(4-2-14)   From Eric Bernhard:

"The car belongs to Mark and Veronica Boen of Carmel and is the last Cheetah built by Bill Thomas. It was rolled out of the Thomas shop shortly 
before a fire that destroyed the business.

I've done some work on it during the past years. It has a re-calibrated Rochester fuel injection system on it instead of a 4-barrel carburetor, and straight through unmuffled side pipes. The engine is definitely built to racing specs, but I don't believe it was ever officially raced, unlike many or most of the others. 

"I don't know anything about the green Cheetah, except that I could see a highly modified FI unit on the engine, much more modified than Mark's, with two air intakes in the top, instead of the normal one on the side (like on Boen's)."

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