Formula Cars

Maserati was represented by Murray Smith in this 1957 250-F Grand Prix car #2525.  The 250F is unique among 2.5 liter Formula One cars in that it competed from the beginning of the Formula in 1954 until the very last race.

(These images were scanned from 4x6 prints in 2000 using a Microtek X6 scanner. )

Looking out of place among the spidery mid-engined 1960's British formula cars, Smith holds his own in Turn 5.

Bob Drake drove Joe Lubin's 250-F #2532 to a 13th place finish in the 2nd US Grand Prix, held at Riverside on November 13, 1960.

Steve Froines in his 1959 2-liter Cooper-Climax chases Doug Scranton's 1961 Lotus Mk.20 F-Jr through Turn 5.

Marty Benck follows in his 1960 Lotus Mk.18.

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