Ferrari at Laguna Seca:   June 7-8-9, 1963

Although Carroll Shelby's factory Cobras dominated the GT class at the June 8-9, 1963 Laguna Seca USRRC event, three Ferraris were there to challenge them.

Frank Crane in Bev Spencer's Ferrari GTO #4219 was the fastest of the three GT Ferraris, but he didn't finish the race.

(Photo by Dave Norton)

Stan Peterson finished 10th in this unique Ferrari GT, #2643.

In this photo, taken by Dave Norton with an "Instamatic", he rounds Laguna Seca's Turn 7.

He was the only one of the three Ferrari drivers to finish the event.

(Photo by Dave Norton)

Bill and Ed Cantrell brought this green GTO #3767 all the way from Florida for the race.

The car was slowed by mechanical problems and didn't finish.

(Photo by Dave Norton)

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