Chris Meyers -- 1958 MGA Twin Cam

Frtom website contributor and MG racer Tony Ferrari:   "I really liked the sound of this car because it has a megaphone type exhaust and sounds like mine did -- 1/2 of a Corvette!!!"

From Chris Meyers:  "I was as excited as a schoolchild at last day of school watching Dave tool around Laguna Seca in 'Clementine'.  That was my first opportunity to hear
the twin cam at full song from outside the driver's seat.   I count Dave among my MG friends who I would hand my car over to without hesitation.   What a weekend! I'll enjoy the memories for quite some time."

From MGA racer Dave Smith:  "That was my first drive of an MGA Twin Cam in a race and it was awsome. The car is very well prepared and loves to rev. It would have had better lap times, but my big goofy grin was a definite Aero minus."

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