L.E. Lundin -- 1959 Byers-Volvo Special

From car owner Ole Anderson:   "I will be at the March HMSA race, but I'm giving up my ride this time to let a good friend of mine drive the car.  Lars Erik Lundin, who just retired from Volvo after umpteen years there in a manage- ment position, will drive my car.

Lars was for over 20 years the Manager of Product Planning for Volvo and then his last 4-5 years he was managing Volvo's Project and Concept Center in Camarillo, CA.

Lars and his family  have been good to myself and my daughter; lending me Volvos to drive while in Sweden several years after I was no longer a Volvo dealer.  We stayed at their house near Gothenburg, etc etc.

Lars has had a strong "want" to drive Laguna Seca and this is my chance to return favors.  He is a racer, has  the proper FIA license, driving suit etc.  And, I get a chance to see my car on the track!"

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