"Dave and the Wave"

I found a box of slides, dated from 1980, while I was searching for something else.  I looked through them and saw some familiar faces, and also some very good photos.  "Dave and the Wave" were a fun party band.  They later changed some personnel and became the "Medflys".  They were huge on the local club scene, and opened many shows for "The Tubes" and other major acts.

Images below are clickable.  Take the full tour!

(All photos by Ladd McPartland, I think)
Dave Hopkins
Robbie Evans
John Mirani
Guy duBets
Johnny Aldrich
 Dave Hopkins  (2)
 Robbie Evans  (2)
Dave Hopkins, Guy duBets, Tom "T.J." Jackson
John Mirani  (2)
Johnny Aldrich / John Mirani / Tom "T.J." Jackson / Robbie Evans
Tom "T.J." Jackson / Robbie Evans
Tom "T.J." Jackson / Robbie Evans  (2)
Johnny Aldrich / John Mirani
Johnny Aldrich  (2)
Johnny Aldrich  (3)
Johnny Aldrich / John Mirani  (2)
 Robbie Evans  (3)
Dale Runyan, Jr.
 Dale Runyan, Jr.  (2)
Great hair toss!

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