Corvette Survivors  (1)

Dave MacDonald and Bob Bondurant are legends of California Corvette racing.  The cars they drove have also achieved immortality.

Vic Edelbrock at Sears Point (Turn 10) in the ex-Bondurant Stingray.  The familiar #614 comes from the address of the sponsor, Washburn Chevrolet of Santa Barbara, which was located at 614 Chapala Street.
1963 Corvette Z06 formerly driven by Dave MacDonald at Riverside in November 1962.   In this photo, taken at Sears Point (Turn 2), the car is driven by Dr. Bruce Jacobs.
Here at Sears Point (Turn 2), the car is being driven by Orwin Middleton of Santa Barbara.

Bondurant was a frequent winner in this car, a 1959 Corvette also sponsored by Washburn Chevrolet.

(Thanks to Jim Lockwood for the photos and info!)

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