Bugatti Type 57S/C "Atlantique"

Only twelve of the original three of these ultimate Bugatti GT cars still exist.  This is one of the newcomers, accurately built to Bugatti specs with original Type 57 parts. 

Most beautiful classic!  "Classic and Sports Car", August 1997

"With sweeping natural form and stylish detailing, the sensational Atlantique is Jean Bugatti's masterstroke. Debuted at the l935 Salon de Paris, this swoopy coupé boldly encapsulates 1930s design trends, the elegant age of Art Deco and a new trend for streamlining. The artistic traditions of the Bugatti family, Grandfather Carlo's idiosyncratic furniture, father Ettore's genius for engineering beauty and son Jean's natural eye for form and style are encapsulated in this remarkable design. 

Originally christened the Aerolithe, the dramatic body of the first car was made of elektron and because of difficulty welding, the sections were riveted together, aircraft style. The exposed seams with button-head rivets ran down the spine of the main body and the curvaceous wings. The doors with distinctive semi-ellipsoidal windows also displayed aviation influence and cut well into the roof to improve access. 

Only three production Atlantiques were built and, unlike the original Aerolithe, featured V-type Type 57S radiator designs. The practicality of the Atlantique was less satisfactory. Inside the cockpit, conversation was almost impossible over 40mph and the handling was compromised by the extra weight over the rear wheels. The fate of the original Aerolithe remains a mystery but the others survive, two in America and one in France."

From "The Bugatti Page"

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