Caryn's Page

Caryn's gone now.   I guess I'm learning more about people on doomed trajectories. 

She was a poet, a published author, a singer & musician (she had a hit record in the 60's as half of "Stormy & Gabrielle"), a photographer, an orchid & cactus grower, and a Jaguar XK-150 owner.  In the 1970s-80s she was Director of the Monterey Peninsula Film Society -- and she was a great cook, too!.  No wonder she kept me interested for decades.

Here's Caryn just back from Tahiti...  Tanned and gorgeous, still glowing from the tropical sun.

(Photo by Tam McPartland)

From a memorial website:    (Not created by me)

"I have many names in the mist and fog bound lands.  I am known as Caryn or the wild Lily to others, a romantic who has lost her faith, a seeker of all knowledge and truth...  Found on the high tor gazing over the meadows and moors... Gemini sometimes, by a river in California, writer, poet, lover of film and literature, empath/clairvoyant/psychic, the faerie host... Robin the hooded man and Venizia whisper to me, and warm waters of Sumatra and islands... 

A dream walker and weaver, metaphysical art, antiques, laughter, Black Adderized, botanist, photographer, silversmith, environmentalist old cars and clothes... Willing the stars to not benight me in the day, ruined castles, ghost towns, a loner to the end... Forever hunting the black rose and the oak, grove tangled hair on pillows and garlands of lilac between dimensions, alterer of time." 

She had a  romantic yearning for a short, tragic life, seeking some dark fate out of a Victorian novel. 

That goal she achieved.  Caryn passed away on the night of 1-1-03 from natural causes. 

(Photo by Tam McPartland)

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