Race Group: Formula Junior, Formula V

From the event program:  "This group is representative of the international Formula Junior and Formula V open-wheel cars as raced in their day".

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Prints of these photos are available for sale.  These pics are your webmaster's favorites, but he has HUNDREDS more.  If you don't see your car:   Please email me!

Art Hebert -- 1963 Lola Formula Junior
Doug Mockett -- 1963 Cooper Formula Junior
Not in program -- 1959 Cooper Formula Junior
Simon Favre -- 1958 Bourgeault Formula Junior
Nicholas Colyvas -- 1963 Lotus Mk.27
Vern Neff -- 1960 Lotus Mk.18 Formula Junior
Dale Marcellini -- 1967 Autodynamics Formula V
Vern Neff -- 1960 Lotus Mk.18 Formula Junior
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