Coronado Speed Festival: 2010

Coronado Island is well known for the historic "Hotel del Coronado", but it's also a major operational base for the U.S. Navy.  The airfield on the north end of the island is known as the "birthplace of naval aviation"; and once a year, during San Diego's "Fleet Week" its runways host a weekend of spectacular historic racing.

The Historic Motor Sports Association did their usual super job of organizing this event. 

Group 1:  1952-1959 Production and Sports Cars
Group 2:  1953-1966 Production Cars Under 2000cc.
Group 3:  1962 Sports/Racing and Formula Cars Under 2000cc. 
Group 4:  1969-1980 Sports/Racing and Formula Cars Under 2000cc.
Group 5:  1959-1966 Production Cars (Disc Brakes)
Group 6:  1965-1988 FIA Manufacturer's Championship Cars
Group 7:  1962-1966 Production Cars Over 2500cc. 
Group 8:  1972-2006 Historic NASCAR Stock Cars
Group 9:  1966-1972 Historic Trans-Am Cars
Group 10: Pre-Wars Cars
A Stroll Through the Pits / Miscellaneous
Best Shots!
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