Thor Johnson -- 1959 Lotus Mk.17 / Pete Thelander -- 1934 MG NE

Non-finisher Thelander glances over as 3rd place Group A finisher Johnson prepares to pass on the shoulder.  Big speed disparities in this group: Like between Johnson's very quick Lotus (not to mention Meyer's Dailu!) and the various pre-and-immediately-post-war MGs.   1934 MG NE

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(4-30-11)   Pete Thelander comments:

"Great photo!!  You are quite right about the speed differential in that group.  Not just the Dailu, Monsterati and numerous Loti.   I can cope with having two or three much faster cars in my group, but being one of a small number of slower cars in amongst so many faster cars is most uncom- fortable. 

I might see the first car coming, but then there would be three of four more on his tail.  I would signal one by on one side, but then one of the others would go by on the other side and scare the bejesus out of me as your photo so brilliantly shows. 

Over the years, I have learned to co-exist with Peter Giddings' big Alfa (which was in the same group) and am comfortable with the respect he shows us slower cars.  The group that day was just too darned many much faster cars.  I had to spend so much time watching my mirrors, I hardly knew where I was going. 

I'm afraid the race organizers created a very dangerous situation by putting such mis-matched cars in the same race.   Us older slower cars certainly would have appreciated a better group assignment.  The all-MG race was much better, but groups of them would still descend on me unexpectedly."

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