CSRG Spring Event at Infineon Raceway: April 2-3, 2011

Featuring beautiful spring weather, racecourse grounds lush and green from recent rainfall, and full fields of interesting cars and enthusiastic drivers, CSRG's event was a brilliant success.  This page features links to "Homepage 1" with photos and info on sports/racing and formula cars, and "Homepage 2" with photos and info on production cars and MGs participating in the MGVR "MG Revival" event.

New!  Because of interest and enthusiasm  for MGs at this event, I added two more sections of all-MG photos!

Map of "Infineon Raceway".

Prints of these photos are available for sale.  These pics are your webmaster's favorites, but he has HUNDREDS more.  If you don't see your car:   Please email me!

Homepage (1) -- Sports Racing and Formula Cars
Homepage (2) -- Production Cars, MGs, Pit Shots
MG Bonus Page  (1)
MG Bonus Page  (2)
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