Duffy Livingston -- Eliminator Special / Bill Stroppe -- Kurtis

Is this Santa Barbara?   Please email me!

(9-14-09)  From Scott Vilander:

"This is not Santa Barbara . The trees and hills suggest central coast for sure, however the railroad tracks and farmland in the background could be San Luis Obispo .  I went to school in SLO and it sure looks like the area out by the current SLO airport."

(1-10-10)   From MG Magnette racer Mike Jacobsen:

"The shot of Duffy Livingston and Stroppe is indeed at Santa Barbara, not Santa Maria -- this is the short bit of asphalt that connected to the outer back straight -- in the background spectators (non-paying!) are standing along Fairview avenue. The open field behind was turned into a shopping center my sophomore year at UCSB (1961). Today it is an industrial park. The low flat hill distant right is Moore Mesa. I was at both events and have some pix I took of these cars in the paddock."

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