Eric Hauser -- Victress "BuFord" Special

What is this car and who's driving it? Please email me!

(7-25-09)   From Michael Jacobsen:

"#171 I think was the Powell Victress "BuFord" Special.  It looks more like Max Balchowsky driving than Eric Hauser, but could be Powell himself."

(7-26-09)  From historian Ron Cummings:

"I think the driver is too big to be Max. I never heard of Max having driven the Powell. He may have installed the Buick motor. Eric Hauser got his start in the Powell BuFord Victress. I think the owner also drove from time to time."

(7-27-09)  From Geoffrey Hacker:

"That's the "Bob Powell" Victress S1A racecar.  I have several pictures of it from back in the day.  As far as I know, Bob Powell was the driver, and I think Eric Hauser may have been involved too. 

I've copied the Victress employees on this e-mail to see if they can add information on this car.  I know that Merrill Powell will have info on it and maybe Bill Quirk as well.  Let's see what they have to say.  Great to see another picture of this car!"

(7-27-09)   From Bill Quirk:

"I agree that #171 looks like Eric. When Bob was behind the wheel, he was hunched over, not sitting straight up in the seat. I know. I took a ride with Bob, out in front of Victress and it was one of the wildest rides I ever had. Bob was a great guy and his funeral was the first one I ever attended. A sad day and great loss."

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