Jean Pierre Kunstle -- Porsche Spyder

Kunstle finished 2nd to Miles in the Cooper-Porsche in both the Under 1500cc. and Over 1500cc. main event at Paramount Ranch on November 18, 1956.

(7-29-08)  From historian Ron Cummings:

"While this is Jack McAfee's usual number, that is either Kunstle or possibly Ginther driving the car!  My guess is Kunstle. All three drove Edgar's Spyders at one time or another.  That is certainly not big Jack."

(7-29-08)  From Jack McAfee's son Rex McAfee:

"Not only is that not Jack driving, but I don't even think that is an Edgar car.  See how both of the "8"s on the door don't match?   I believe this was somebody else's number 8 sypder that was modified that weekend to read "88".  I've got tons of photos of Edgars spyders, and none of them have that red triangle in the front either."

(7-31-08)  From your webmaster:

"I think I solved this mystery.  The problem was getting the first and second race events at Paramount mixed up. At the FIRST Paramount running Ginther won the Under 1500cc. main event and was 4th in the Over 1500cc. main in von Neumann's #211 Porsche Spyder.

At the SECOND Paramount running in November 1956 Miles won both the Under 1500cc. and Over 1500cc. main events in the Cooper-Porsche.  KUNSTLE was 2nd in both events in the #88 Porsche Spyder.  (It is indeed KUNSTLE in Tibbetts' photo.)

My confusion came from this photo showing Ginther winning at Santa Barbara in the very similar John Edgar #88 Porsche on May 19, 1957.

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